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Lemon Herb Roast Chicken with Onion Gravy

If you’re looking for a discretely gluten-free gravy to add to your roast chicken, this recipe is for you!  The Herbs de Provence, a blend of herbs from the provence of France, adds a great flavor to this classic roast chicken recipe.  I am a little obsessed with Herbs de Provence, as you may notice in my next couple of recipes!

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Chicken Chili with Piquillo Peppers

Sometimes it’s a little difficult to make a hearty meal for two (me & my boyfriend).  Especially when I’m trying to cook GDESN free.  But luckily we can both agree on a good hearty soup!  I’ve made this twice now and the second time I used a little less than a pound of steak instead of chicken and added 4 cubed sausages to make it more man-approved.  I’ll do another post for that one another day.  

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